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Exciting Car Showdown 2012 Nagoya Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

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Here we go with the second portion of our Exciting Car Showdown coverage from Nagoya, Japan. As I said yesterday, I was lucky enough to stumble upon these photos and even more fortunate that the person that shot them, Takahiro Kawamura, let me post them up here on The Chronicles. There was a wide variety of different builds at this event, but the most talked about had to be the Toyota Celica with the ridiculous -15 degrees of camber and a wheel that only had a 215-wide tire beaded to 1/3 of it. If anything, it was definitely the most controversial car that we have seen come out of Japan in quite some time. If you are wondering, yes the car is functional, depending on your definition of function. “Function” in this sense means that the car actually rolls and drives on the street. The owner drove the car all…

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