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Say goodbye to search and hello to BrainSpace


PureDiscovery, a Dallas-based big data startup, thinks it has the has the answer to outdated enterprise search technology, and it’s called BrainSpace. The company claims BrainSpace can learn just about everything about how pieces of content are related to one another. That means users will become less dependent on searching for information because the platform will feed them what they want to know as they interact with other content.

One could characterize BrainSpace as just another semantic search technology, PureDiscovery CEO Dave Copps told me, but they’d be wrong. Whereas many of those technologies rely on linking together pieces of data within specific indexes using industry-specific ontologies, BrainSpace doesn’t try to index data at all. It cares that documents contain similar words or concepts, but it also cares about a lot more.

It’s trying to create something more like a semantic brain. “We want to create an environment that…

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